Natural Killer Cells

Autologous NK Cell Therapy for Immune Boosting & Cancer Treatment

What are Natural Killer Cells?

Having a healthy & properly functioning immune system is key in cancer prevention, protection from viruses & bacterias and removing cells which have entered senescence. The immune system is comprised of various different immune cells each with their own set of functions.

NK cells are important immune cells that are critical for innate immunity. They have anti-tumor, anti-viral, and immune regulatory functions. NK cells are the patrol units of the immune system, and they can respond quickly to kill diseased cells. The most common method of NK cell therapy is to obtain human peripheral blood mononuclear cells and to subject these to antibody and cytokine stimulation ex vivo, resulting in vitro NK cell activation and proliferation.

Once the cell number exceeds millions in number the cells are subject to our NK21 protocol to mature the cells. Our scientists then perform the final stages of culture in which the cytotoxic activity of the cells is greatly enhanced.

The proliferated cells are rein-fused into the body to play a role in tumor tissue lysis and immune protection. As the cytotoxic activity of NK cells lacks MHC restrictions and does not depend on antibodies, they can eliminate tumor cells or invaders upon the first encounter. Therefore, NK cells act as a complementary agent to remove cancer cells that are negative for the presentation of MHC-I molecules, which is critical for the action of cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

From one blood collection, the NK21 protocol creates two batches of NK cells for therapeutic use. The cells are released for use from our laboratory on day 18 and day 21. 

NK21 Natural Killer Cell Culture

Our NK21 cell culture delivers a superior quality of NK cell than those of compared competitors. Our NK cells have higher rates of cell proliferation and cytotoxicity. 

Growth Curve & Proliferation Capacity

When comparing the cell growth curve and proliferation capacity using different NK Expansion methods, our NK Expansion method shows a very competitive expansion capacity (~8.6 x 109 cells, 290-fold proliferation on Day 19) compared with Competitors B and C.

CCK-8-based Cytotoxicity Activity Detection

Our NK Expansion method shows a more potent cytotoxicity capacity (77.9%) compared to Competitor B (54.1%) and Competitor C (57.6%) when the cells were co-cultured with K-562 for 16 hours (effector cells: target cells = 5:1) in triplicate for each method.

Surface Marker Expression Determined by Flow Cytometry

The CD3-CD56+ ratio is used to evaluate the surface marker expression level to measure the percentage of NK cells in the harvested cells. Our NK Expansion method shows a result of 83.0%, which is higher than Competitor B (67.6%) and Competitor C (6.4%).

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